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Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 13: Lazy days, beds and Icecream

No school today- yes already after just going back from Christmas break.

But we enjoy the lazy, easy morning. Lot's of laundry for me. Some crafts for the kids.

Oh and yes there was this...but you will have to go read my main blog on Monday to learn more about that.

And we ended the night with dinner out and icecream.

He eat's his in a bowl.
She eat's hers in a cone-
which, yes she ate the cone before the ice cream. And was quite proud of herself for doing so. But she would not do this with a drumstick. In fact she does just the opposite eating just the icecream, sticking her finger way deep into the waffle cone to get out the last bits of icecream only to throw the waffle cone away. She isn't allowed to eat drumsticks anymore. So far cones are safe-ish.

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  1. My kids finally sort of eat ice cream. I need to jump on this band wagon. It's early enough. I have a photo blog!

    Still laughing at poor Ryder. I will find my pic of Kristin and scan it.