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Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 9: School's back

Lucas went back to school today. We had our usual- "I feel sick" in the morning, which I usually mostly ignore and then surprise he goes off to school has a great time and comes home happy.

It was a lot quieter with just two at home. We ran s
ome errands,

did some puzzles,
and just tried to adjust back to the routine.

I made dinner too- something I have been slacking on lately

A quiche just about to go in the ovenAnd this little guy was hungry.
He grabbed the oven mitt and tried to get the dinner out himself. A very blurry picture that I was hurrying to get with my phone- but had to capture the moment.

We did end the day with a great family home evening where we even had Lucas do one of his school projects as part of the lesson! Score!


  1. sounds great! Next week, we'll finally all be back in school too! And that quiche sounds and looks yummy!

  2. Always enjoy your pictures!! I have no time to cook and when i get time, its the last thing I want to do-- but I always wish I was a baker/cooker... maybe some day.