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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Am I the only one that likes to ignore messes and things that need to be picked up in order to do an organizing project?

Yesterday I sat in the play room, which I could hardly sit in as there are so many toys out and proceeded to take every book off of our four books shelves and organized them.

I didn't just put them back in nicely-- I sorted them my category!  
This was my Photoaday for the theme "paper"
Now I might be insane as with three kids it probably won't last long, but it was fun and I have some more ideas and a project I am working on to help it stay organized.

Alex was all excited to help me when she got home from school and did but then as she found a book she had forgot about and loved, she would take the book and go read it

What don't you sit that way when reading?

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