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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things that Grow

My kids have a book called Things That Grow.  It is really cute asking if a washcloth can grow into a towel, with flaps that fold down.  

Tuesday's photoaday was grow.  

I wanted to get a picture of the top of Lucas head next to me, showing how much he has grown-- but he is so tall now it wasn't working out very well, so instead we took this.
And yes my 8 year old is that high up on me.

But I still needed something for "Grow".  As I was returing from picking up Alex from school- I saw it, the one lone bloomer.
Pretty lucky that things like this "grow" year round in southern California.   Thankfully the weather has warmed up to what it should be so that can still be true and so we can enjoy things like this outside

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