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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Knott's Again!

When we thought about buying season passes to Knott's Berry Farm we wondered if it would be worth the money-- well if we keep up our current rate, we definitely will!  We went again today- twice in one week.

The weather was even better this time- 70 degrees and sunny.

There were lots of smiles-- I think it is quickly becoming Ryder's favorite place.

Lucas of course loved the big train

And we went on a lot more rides- Eric and I even took turns going on a big ride for us.

There were big old hot dogs for lunch

And of course lots of "movement" which was the photo of the day.

Eric's "movment" picture- the waterfall behind us

While we waited in line for the last ride (The Pony Express) Ryder fell asleep (about 6:30) and slept for the rest of the night-- was even out cold when we took this picture, which I plan on making my kids pose for every time we go.

It was a great day- but I know we definitely won't be going twice next week since school is starting back up.

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  1. What a fun place. If I ever make it out to California, that will be a must visit place.