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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The tooth

Lucas where is your coat? I asked before we left to school.  He was not sure.  It was missing, probably left at school.  The mornings are in the 50's but the afternoons in the upper 70's, so it is easy to shed leave behind forgotten.  "I will give you 50 for the coats I lost!" he cried.   

I wasn't sure what brought on this outburst but I was glad he was realizing he needed to be responsible. Thankfully he found his sweater at school-- coat is still missing though.  Good thing we live in SoCal.

Alex has her first loose tooth and it really is all she can do to not talk about it or be constantly wiggling it.  She is beyond excited.

And today's photoaday was "electric"

It's electric!! (anyone else think Boogy- woogy-woogy-) right afar I said that?

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