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Monday, January 7, 2013

Double Over Time

Monday- it can be such a cursed word.  And today, a Monday- the first day back to school after Christmas break was trying to be very Monday-ish.

It began with someone (cough- me) putting dish soap in the dishwasher.
Then I almost forgot to pack Lucas snack, almost forgot the drink in Alex's snack and we left 15 minutes late.

But thankfully the day got better.

Donuts helped make it better
I think he totally enjoyed his donut-- especially the frosting
So did this cute guy asking me to take his picture (more on my main blog tomorrow)

And we ended the day by watching Eric's basketball team advance to the finals in his basketball league with a last second win in double overtime!!  Though the kids-- well they didn't watch much

And today's photo a day was "street"

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  1. Donuts makes everything better!

    Those mountains are beautiful.