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Friday, January 11, 2013

Yep We Went Again

Friday was Ryder's first story time at the library-- it was also a day off of school for my older two.  But they were more than happy to go to a friend's house for a play date.

Story time not only is stories, but songs and poems and play time at the end.  Ryder loves it.  His favorite song is definitely "Open, shut them"

Then it was off to the store to buy presents for the 3 birthday parties Alex was invited to in the next two weeks.

While we were shopping, Eric texted me saying what if he finished up work early and we went to Knotts.  The fact that it was noon and only 45 at our house made me question, but when I learned it was 10 degree warmer at Knotts said why not.

And we went for the 3rd time this month.  And let me tell you- a Friday where most are in school, that is a bit chilly is totally the day to go!  We pretty much walked onto every single ride.

Our traditional picture-this time shot in daylight hours
I don't think Ryder is smiling in this shot yet this year! 
When we were riding the big train Alex noticed the "robber" standing outside of it before we started and started talking to him.  He was asking her who her boyfriends were and she was all- "No! These are my brothers" and just bantered back and forth.  Right before the train left he said he had something for each of them and gave each kid a bullet casing.  They love them!

Eric and I even took turns taking the kids on rides while we went on the big coasters since the lines were so short.

And today's #photoaday picture was "water" so while Ryder and I rode on the little train in camp Snoopy (where shot from above came from)  I took my water picture

It was a great way to spend our afternoon


  1. So cool that you guys did this. Now the next time you go, be sure and have Eric take the "traditional" picture and then you take it. Make a a side by side so you can be in it too. Great pics as always. :)

  2. The last two pictures are my favorite! So cute! And sounds like so much fun! Three times? Wowza.

    And by the way, 45 sounds warm! It was 12 here today! I think if it got to 45, I'd totally wear shorts! ;)