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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whatever Dad!

Lately my two oldest have started doing something new.  I am pretty sure I might be the reason they are doing it, but no proof so can't blame it on me.

What are they doing?  Giving the big W- yep for "whatever".    Thankfully they aren't doing it because they are smart-mouth teenagers, but usually doing it when Eric is teasing and saying things they know aren't true- which is often, he likes to tease.

On the way to church, Eric was asking the kids where we should park at church.  "Should we park on the sidewalk?" he asked, "or how about on the roof of the church." he said teasing.

At which moment Ryder said "teaser" while sticking two fingers up in the air trying to form the W.

We all started cracking up.  

Today's picture was sun.  After church Sunday naps are always a wonderful thing.  Eric took his laying down in the "sun", Ryder was even kind enough to wrap him up after he was asleep.

And Eric took this cute picture of the boys for his photoaday since "sun" sounds like "son"-- see he is a teaser.

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