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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Knotts X4

So after spending the morning cleaning-- and since it was such a beautiful day -- in the mid to upper 70's!  Well we went to Knotts again.  Yes again.  

So we will begin backwards--with our traditional picture
And the lights are not a seasonal thing-- they just aren't turned on in the day! 

And my park dog-- while good, wasn't quite "delicious", but I used it as my photoaday anyway.
And yes, this began a debate about how mustard is needed on dogs- which I do not like-- which is almost a sin since I am from Chicago and all... but hey, I don't really care for mustard. 

And of course we had fun riding rides
Eric took this one as they were going up the hill on the Jaguar-- the kids favorite roller coaster.

Ryder and I were on the trucks when the above picture was taken

It was once again a fun day at Knott's-- and no I don't think we will keep up the pace of 4 times a month the entire year. 

1 comment:

  1. Do you guys have season passes or something? :) OR do ya just really like that place.

    Cute pics!