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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pajama Day

"I think today my goal may be to not get dressed" I tweeted early on in the day.  And I made my goal.   But despite the fact that I never got dressed I was actually quite productive; 4 loads of laundry done AND put away, got rid of 21 shirts and returned my hangers backwards for the New Year,
shirts I got rid of
 and cleaned out Lucas pajama drawer- he had a 4T shirt buried in there and he wear as 10!

The photo of the day was "something new"
"My daughter showing off her new rings and shirt"

Tomorrow I think I will actually get dressed.


  1. I love days where I don't get dressed! PJ days are awesome.

    I love her rings, super cute!

  2. My kids have some incredibly small pjs in their drawers too. I found some 24 month pants in Madeline's drawer that she was wearing as knee length leggings. LOL! She's so skinny, the waist still fit!

    1. Yes I remember to clean out everything but the pajama drawers- always forget about those